District Statistical Office

Activities and Achievements

District Statistical Office, coordinates the statistical activities of different offices, to prevent duplication and to serve as a stone house for statistical information. Statistical data collected by District Statistical Office are published in their publications. The functions and activities of District Statistical Office, Rohtak are stated below:-

1. It collects, compiles and analyses varied types of statistical relating to various Socio-Economic aspects.
2. It serves as a stone house for all types of statistical data needed for planning and formulation of development programme.
3. It conducts surveys relating to various Socio-Economic problems of the district and undertakes evaluation studies on selected projects.

District Statistical Abstract

This is an important publication containing useful information for taking policy decisions, formulation of development plans and undertaking research work, 8th publication of this series from 1994-95 to 1996-97 has been sent to Head Office for publication and information for 9th series from 1997-98 to 1999-2000 is to be collected.

Capital Formation Estimates

For this purpose, this office collects information from offices and sends to Head office for studying increase or decrease in capital formation.

Weekly Retail prices Weekly retail prices of Rural/Urban areas are being timely collected and sent regularly to Head Office
Building Material prices The building material prices of every quarter are being sent timely
Live Stock prices It is an half yearly report Prices of Livestock collected from Nissing and Kunjpura is being sent timely & regularly
Agriculture Labour prices Agriculture Labour prices collected from Jhanghri is being sent regularly to Head Office

National Sample Survey

National Sample Surveys generally cover information on Land utilization, consumption, employment, consumption of agricultural commodities. These surveys are conducted in rounds generally of one year’s duration. 5th round has been taken up.

Unicef aided programme

The progress of work done under UNICEF aided programme is being received on quarterly basis in the meeting of concerned officers under the chairmanship of Additional Deputy Commissioner regularly and the proceeding of the same is being sent to Head Office regularly.

Staff Census

To know about the position of staff employed in Govt. offices as on 31th March, 2000. Data has been collected from offices of Distt. Rohtak. After collection & proper scrutiny ,it has been feeded in Computer. A detailed & complet report along with flopy will be sent to Govt. soon.

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Data in respect of wholesale and retail trade is collected from the quarterly returns being submitted by registered dealers to excise & Taxation office in the District. Data for the year 1993-94,1994-95,1995-96 has been collected from registered dealers.

20 point Programme

20 point monitoring work at district level is done by D.S.O., so that short comings/ discrepancies can be removed. For this purpose, monthly review of the progress of work done under this programme is being got conducted in the meeting under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner regularly on every month. No reference is pending in this office.